Mail Accounts

CatchAll Account
This option will select the default (primary) account that receives all domain emails without a given specified account. This is also known as an overflow account.

Change Password
This option changes the password for a specific account.

This is the "real name" that you give to your users.

Create Mail Account
This option will enable you to create a new account for a user.

Delete Account
This option will delete a specified account.

Goto User
This option will go to a specific user as defined by administrator's input.

This option will open this help file.

This option will find a specific account determined by alphabetized characters.

Mail Account
This is the mail account that you give your users. This is also their login name.

Main Menu
This option will take you to the main menu.

Next Page
This option will take you to the next page.

Previous Page
This option will take you to the page you have just visited.

Refresh Page
This option will refresh the current page you are on.